Terms and Conditions

1. Witch Hat Servicing Limited (08880027) does not accept responsibility for damage howsoever caused. 2. Couriers are employed by Witch Hat Servicing to move items between sites. The customer is responsible for ensuring adequate packaging meeting international shipping standards is provided or bought from Witch Hat Servicing to provide protection to units. Witch Hat Servicing reserve the right to charge for packaging costs incurred if inadequate packaging is provided. 3. Whilst every care is taken not to damage the fascial panels of the amplifiers, the customer recognises that if these become damaged, they are largely irreparable. This does not constitute enough of a reason to withhold complete payment, nor to replace a unit. 4. CD Players are to be provided with transit bolts suitable to the player type, and fully engaged. The customer agrees to do this, and agrees to check with Witch Hat Servicing for advice on transit bolts if at any point they are uncertain. 5. The customer agrees not to send cables with the item unless specifically instructed to do so by a member of the Witch Hat team. 6. The customer recognises that the estimated completion time is only an estimate and goods may take longer or shorter periods of time depending on what is found and depending on the availability of stock. Witch Hat undertakes to try to keep the customer informed of delays. 7. Payment is on the basis of a 50% non-refundable deposit, and a completion payment of the balance for amplifiers and CD players; payment is on the basis of 100% upfront payment for cabling. 8. The completion payment will be due when the items are ready, and units will not be released until the balance of the invoice is paid. 9. Witch Hat Servicing undertakes to retain client information in a confidential manner, and will not under any circumstances retain payment card information. 10. Witch Hat will guarantee work for three years from the date on the service record provided. This will only apply to work we have performed, and will not apply if our work has been tampered with or otherwise interfered with; if the unit has been to a secondary service agent in the interim period for any reason; or if the fault diagnosed is a new fault. 11. It is recognised by the customer that all units leave Witch Hat in a working state. Although we will try to ensure that the unit will not fail, late faults do occur; customers experiencing a late fault should contact Witch Hat for rectification in the first instance. 12. All contracts with Witch Hat will be considered void in the event of a force majeure. 13. If any component necessary for the repair becomes unavailable for a period of more than 3 months, the contract will be considered frustrated. 14. These conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales. 15. All taxation matters are for the client to resolve with their own country’s tax authorities. 16. The client agrees to pay all taxes and delivery charges levied upon import of goods unless Witch Hat Servicing misdeclared the item on export at which point we will absorb the import cost. 17. If, in your region, it is necessary to provide import ID codes, you and the customer undertake to let Witch Hat Servicing know these ID codes in good time for shipping, and we as Witch Hat Servicing, undertake to use these codes.

Refund Policy

For all cable products, a full refund is available for any reason if claimed within the first thirty days of the dispatch date, as recorded by our system. This can be varied at the discretion of Witch Hat. Refunds will be processed at the end of the month following the month it was claimed in. For all servicing products, in the first instance the unit should be returned to Witch Hat for making good. It should be understood by the customer that whilst all care is taken over the units, some things do go wrong within the first few years of life. The units are all provided with a warranty, and faults which are warranted are covered in the warranty information on the terms and conditions. Refunds will only be provided in exceptional cases. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Delivery Policy

Delivery from Witch Hat is either on the clients behalf, or via our courier partner (UPS). We will use alternative carriers only if you are resident in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, or in an international zone which UPS does not cover at a reasonable charge. All items will be dispatched upon final settlement of your bill only.