Naim Source to Naim Preamp (S3 Cable)


Our source range is the place we really up our game. As some of you will know their isn't any power running through it and it's already shielded, so with our usual tricks made redundant we turned to improving the technology of the wiring itself.

After much deliberation and development, we decided to have a custom cable produced utilising the benefits of both copper and silver. Silver is more conductive and thus better at transferring power but can appear too bright on it's own. By combining just the right amount of silver with the copper backbone we arrive at this precise and powerful balance.

We achieve this using a constant extrusion process to wrap the copper with a double helix silver wrap. You may notice that this is similar technology a 'popular company' uses in their top range that costs 15x more. We achieve this price by going direct to consumer and having more modest cosmetics.

As with all our cables, this comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can trial it in your system and against other cables. Please allow 10 days for receipt as these are made to order and require an additional phase of testing.