Phoenix Upgrade Board for Naim Power Amplifers


The Phoenix replaces Naim’s power amp circuit that has gone largely unchanged for 40 years. We have made significant improvements including using film capacitors over electrolytic that are faster and more responsive; added power input filtering to reduce noise coming into the circuit and improvements to the layout to reduce the distance of signal travel. There have also been many little additions to improve stability and the voltage reference to ensure you are getting the best out of it.

All these changes accumulate in much more open and clean sound, particularly with the subtlety of the music whilst maintaining its rhythm and musicality. With other brands you get gains of clarity, but the sound becomes very analytical whilst we have favoured a warmer sound with the instruments playing in tandem. Whilst getting tremendous gains in the performance the sound signature is closest to a chrome bumper 250, keeping with the original Naim note.

Please read further down for additional information including applications, installation, and our legal disclaimer. Please also note that the factory fitting option will require additional shipping charges, if you are not able to drop off and collect the unit.