Phantom Jumper Cables


Our best loved cable, the No Nonsense Speaker Cable (or ‘N²’ for short) is admired for two reasons: first we tell it like it is without any magical pseudoscience to validate a ridiculous price and secondly but (most importantly) the flexibility is a welcomed relief over it’s main competitor the NAC A5.

Whilst this is still a great cable that deserves the attention it’s received, after 7 years we decided to up our game and create something new. Once again there are no hidden secrets involved just solid sound engineering excellence.

The Phantom Speaker Cable simply builds on the success of the N² by improving each component of it. We started by choosing a much higher quality base copper cable. This was prepared for us by the same people who make our fabled S3 range and is built to the highest of standards. Importantly it’s also thicker than the previous cable (and the NAC A5) this means it has a reduced resistance, allowing the current to flow more easily.

Next come the banana plugs: we decided on the AudioQuest SureGrip 100s as they are lightweight and plated in silver meaning they boast a high conductivity from the cable to unit with the addition of cold welding instead of soldering to ensure this important handover goes as smoothly as possible.

Finally, we honed the cosmetics. Whilst sound quality should always be the priority, we know that the final touches are also part of the consideration in a high quality cable. We selected a stylish, grey and black, flexible braid which helps it fade into the background also giving rise to the Phantom name.

We have overwhelmed ourselves by the cable we’ve made to such an extent that our engineers have refused to give back their sample cables and won’t listen to their respective N² and NAC A5.

Following increasing prices from our previous supplier, we are in the process of trialling an alternative to avoid passing the cost on to our customers. We expect the Phantom to be ready to ship again in November.