Oynx IEC Mains Cable


The Oynx Mains Cable was designed for Olive, Chrome and Classic Naim sources and pre-amps after much request from our customers. The three conductors are made of 1.5mm² ultra pure long-grain copper (99.9999%) wrapped in a proprietary dielectric to ensure a smooth and stable transmission of power from your mains to the device. The outer shield is made from carbon infused material to protect them from interference without the risk of colourisation and both connectors are supplied by MS-HD power featuring gold plated pins.

This combination stops interference from mains getting into your amplifier from inside the cable such as microscopic shorts, impeded current delivery and unrepresented frequencies. Or outside the cable in the form of RF and EMF, such as the ones coming from the massive transformers in your hifi system. By reducing this interference we are allowing the subtitles of the music to come through with a lower noise floor and a more relaxed presentation. Our philosophy with cables is always to allow your amps to have the best possible conditions to produce the sound you already love without colourising it.

The difference is not as profound as the Morgana range and we do recommend getting your interconnects sorted first but this is a great additional to those of you that already all the key locations covered.

This is a pre-sale item and we are expecting to ship these early June. As with all our pre-sales due to the delay and lack of reviews we are offering a special 20% discount off that will not be available once they reach final production. Your orders will still be covered by our no-questions asked guarantee that we’ll be extending to 60 days from delivery for this cable as it has a longer burn-in time.