Morgana 4 RCA (216° 4-pin DIN to RCA)


Our new Morgana interconnect cable utilises a mixture of advanced technologies such as 6N (99.9999%) Copper continuously cast to reduce crystal size and impurities, a proprietary dielectric, silver-plated copper shielding and innovative engineering techniques specific for Naim amplifiers which could only come from a team of former Senior Test Engineers.

This combination leads to a big step up in clarity as all aspects of the music become more detailed and precise without a hint of background noise or brightness. In particular, the soundstage grows deeper and more focused. You will be able to hear better separation of instruments and vocals that sounds so realistic your speakers disappear.

Whilst these are all good things, it would not be built for Naim if they only focused on resolution and the biggest improvement in the musicality of the system. The sound is very natural and involving, exposing Naim’s famous rhythm, dynamics and timings to bring the music to life, you will find yourself easily getting lost in the sound.

How can a cable can do all of this? The truth is that they can’t; this is how your amplifiers actually sound but standard cables have been holding them back. What makes us different is that we have done it in a way that remains faithful to Naim’s iconic signature sound; something other cable brands can struggle with.