555PS Burndy Set (Hatpin 7 and 13)


We designed our cables to carry power as efficiently as possible. Whilst this won't add anything new to your system, it can certainty stop any unnecessary loss. We do this by using multiple conductors made of high quality materials instead of using a multi-core cable like some of our competitors. Our customers find this maintains the clarity within the system enabling it to show its unique beauty.

But that isn't all you get when you buy a Witch Hat cable, the first improvement you'll notice is in the aesthetics: we wrap our cables in stylish black braid that not only looks good but is flexible too, allowing you to easily tie up unnecessary lag and push your system closer to the wall!

This particular set has been designed for the 555PS. In the pack you get two cables, a Hatpin 7 which is used for output 1, whilst the Hatpin 13 is used for output 2. This works for the CD555 and NDS (even though it is a 10 pin burndy, because of how we build them). They will also work if you decide to use two 555PS's instead of 1.