4-pin DIN to XLR (Hatpin 4X)


The Hatpin 4X is interesting because while most of our cables work on the basis of reducing interference between the power and audio lines, this is a signal only cable… yet is our best selling interconnect!

Surprisingly, the stock range doesn’t have anything to protect it from RF signals so the larger the city you live in or the more appliances you have in the house can impact the signal quality. Unfortunately, because DIN’s aren’t inherently balanced this cable also can’t benefit to the XLR’s design.

Our solution to this, rather simply is to add a line of shielding around the wires in the cable. That (along with suing a good quality, well sourced cable) is literally all we do, yet this is difference impacts the amps ability to produce it’s optimal sound by giving your amps a purer signal to work with.

As with our other cables, this comes wrapped in a flexible black braid that is easy to manage and looks great. We can also make this in locking or latching variants (on the DIN side) to suit your requirements.