4-pin to 4-pin DIN (Hatpin 4)


This was amongst the first cable we offered as an upgrade over Naim’s stock SNAIC. In trying to stay away from the ‘cable voodoo’ that engulfed the rest of the industry, we started with a simple question: does interference caused by the power lines effect the audio signal?

To test this, our founder and former Senior Test Engineer at Naim, Mark, decided to experiment by taking the power line outside of the cables internal shielding. This simple change added a surprising amount of clarity without changing Naim’s signature sound. This cemented our philosophy for cabling whereby our aim is not to add anything to the system but to instead avoid any unnecessary loss.

The cable comes sleeved in flexible black braid that is far more malleable than the plastic alternatives and you have the option of locking or latching DINs – should your unit require them – to provide a secure connection.

Contrary to the prevalent audio zeitgeist, we hope you’ll be amazed at the difference this relatively inexpensive cable can make. You don’t have to take our word for it either as we offer a 30 day money back guarantee giving you enough time to test it in your own system and request a refund if you disagree.