Supercap and 52PS Burndy (Hatpin 18)


Naim designed the 52 and 252 to send the audio signal back to a Supercap or 52PS to have to boosted before sending it back to the preamp. This creates a unique problem whereby the audio line is vulnerable to interference from the power signal. To combat this, we designed a cable that has an additional line of shielding between the power and audio lines.

This has a very revealing effect on your system; if it’s in good working order you’ll experience crisper highs, a more fluid mid range and a fuller bass. One customer described it as freeing up the amp so it can do what it was designed to. However, our cables have also been known to highlight problems which are often fixed by servicing.

Additionally, you’ll find that our cables are a lot more flexible and better looking than Naim’s standard range, allowing you to organise your system better without needing to wrestle with cable ties and keep your system far away from the wall.

This is a great alternative to the 52PS or Supercap Burndy and works in any instance, including cases where a 17 pin Burndy would be used. This is down to how our engineers have designed and wired the cable. If you’re looking for the accompanying SNAIC, we also offer the Hatpin 5 for the discounted price of £100 if you buy these together.