Dragon Newt for Naim Power Supplies


Following the success of our Newt board, built around the LM317, we decided to design a discrete regulator module for Naim Power Supplies. Being discrete, we are not using the LM317, or any similarly integrated circuit, so that we have more control over each aspect of the design.

With the Dragon Newt, we wanted to not only focus on keeping noise out of the audible range but also work on the subsonic levels (0.1-1 hertz) that are responsible for timing and pacing. By significantly reducing the noise coming from the power supply into amplifier, we produce a much cleaner, effortless and natural sound that has higher resolution but importantly stays musical with excellent rhythm and timing.

Please read the more detail explanation, including applications, installation and our legal disclaimer further down. Note that the factory fitting option will require additional shipping charges if you are not able to drop off and collect the unit.