Anaconda 555PS Burndy Pair


During the development of our Morgana Burndy we realised what could be achieved by improving the power conductors on the Burndy cables. This allowed us to create a range of power-only Burndy cables that isolate each activity to ensure less cross talk. We also used Ultra-Pure (99.9999%) Copper in key areas to allow for more dynamic access to power with High-Quality OFC Copper on the remaining parts to give a great cost to benefit ratio.

The most important sonic difference is that this brings the presentation down to a more natural and analogue sound. Whilst you won’t have noticed this until you use our cables, the standard Burndy allows the loudness sound to dominate the presentation which can be quite fatiguing and stop you from being able to follow along to other parts of the music.

Along with this is a step up in clarity and dynamics as we allow less noise to get into the source/pre-amp via the power supply regulators. Whilst this cable is pushing the limits of what a power-only cable can achieve, it is none the less a welcomed stage of refinement for many situations that can’t be upgraded without a substantial move up the chain.