About Our Company

Witch Hat Servicing/Audio was started in 2010 by our lead engineer, Mark Slade. This may not seem like a long time, but Mark’s experience and love for Naim equipment started way before this. He started working in the Naim factory in the early 1990s and spent 7 years there rising through the ranks until reaching Senior Test Engineer.

When it came time to have this own amps serviced, he realised there wasn’t a good alternative to Naim. Everyone else in the industry were hobbyists or came from other brands that didn’t require the same precision as Naim equipment. Mark wanted to create a company that could offer a Naim level of service without charging it’s customers an arm and leg.

This rekindled his love of the engineering in audio and led him to start our cable range. It began, as many things do by trying to fix an annoyance in his own home. He loved the NACA5 but in his small London flat the inflexibility became too much. So he developed our N2 (No Nonsense) Loudspeaker cable to meet specifications of NACA5 without the oft maligned plastic casing allowing it to fit around corners.

With the success of this cable, he started thinking about how he could create one that actually improved the sound. He theorised that the interference coming from the power lines (how ever small it may be) would affect the integrity of the audio signal. To combat this he added a second layer of shielding between the two lines. As he and our customers have discovered this enhances the clarity, allowing your amps to perform at their best.

As we were growing so well, we rented a small industrial unit and started developing our own Amps. We created two: a mono block (SBM Moonlight) and a stereo amp (SBL), you can still pick these up from dealers but unfortunately the barriers to entry were too challenging and we had to cut back.

Now we’ve moved back to servicing and cables we’re a quieter but happier company. We’ve got 3 engineers, Mark, Lyn – a former Service Engineer at Naim who does most of our servicing and cables – and JJ – a former Senior Test Engineer who does most of testing. Having only Naim trained engineers gives us heritage and allows us to provide a high quality service with the same testing procedure taught to us by Naim themselves.

We also have two other members of staff – who you will know if you have called in – Nic (Mark’s husband) and Mitch. They work as customer support, helping you pick the right option for you and translating the engineers technical talk.