Phantom Speaker Stock Outage

Four years ago we launched what was to become our most popular and well-loved cable, the Phantom. Since then our suppliers have been consistently increasing their costs but with recent events, they have doubled within a year despite us ordering in much higher quantities. We had been absorbing this cost so far as we are wary of using a new manufacturer due to the potential change in sound.

This left us in a difficult situation: should we increase our prices at a time when the cost of living is already impacting many of our loyal customers or seek out an alternative supplier, causing a delay and potentially change in sound. Whilst it has introduced more work for us, we felt more comfortable as a company opting for the latter and choosing a new supplier.

Fortunately, we already have a good alternative as they have been making our Morgana, Burndy and various other prototype cables over the last two years. We know they can produce a high fidelity cable and so we asked them to duplicate the Phantom’s technology to ensure it sounds as consistent as the last. This has however given us the opportunity to make some improvements based on our research of the Morgana and Spectre cables, both cosmetic and sonically so we can produce a significantly better cable without increasing the price.

We are awaiting a sample run of this cable which we expect in August for us to listen to and to approve, before we can place a meaningful order. This means that we now anticipate we will be able to recommence shipping in November. However, we are excited that when we do start shipping again it will be a much higher quality cable than before.

2 thoughts on “Phantom Speaker Stock Outage

  1. Jazzy D says:

    With all due respects described afore is of course unfortunate. However, every dissapointment is sometimes for the better good.

    A new supplier added to the fact the change enabling inclusion of benefits gained from Morgana/Spectre leading a much improved Phantom Speaker Cable is in my opinion a plus.

    The Morgana/Morgana Burndys are both fantastic canles… In that regard I am more that certain the Supplier of those 2 beast of cable should be more than capable of doing a similar job on your uprated Phantom Speaker Cable.

    My main interest is the release of SPECTRE.

    Any update on Pricing and Release will be more that wellcomed.

    I feel its unfortunate that the genuine feedbacks of the lucky customers who received samples posted on Naim’s Forum have been taken down.

    One suggests the samplers post their personal summing up of their experiences with SPECTRE on WITCHHAT’S WEBSITE.

  2. Tommy M. says:

    I’m a very happy customer of WH Phanthom and N2 speaker cables (and Morgana, of course). I can’t wait to try the new speakers when it becomes available. Count me in for the pre-order with discount pricing. 😉

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