Introducing The New Anaconda Burndy

During the development of our Morgana Burndy, we discovered the impact of improving the power conductors on the sound. So, we decided to create a range of power only Burndys, which we’ve called the Anaconda taking its name from the unofficial in-house name for the Burndy cables whilst they were in development at Naim during the late 80s.  

Whilst it would have been easy for us to use our flagship conductors for every pin, we decided to take a smarter approach, one that strikes a balance between cost and the benefit gained, since we understand the limitations of power only cables.

The standard power only Burndy used with the XPS, CDPS and 555PS isn’t a bad cable but it does a difficult job of carrying power for both analogue and digital components which have very different signal signatures. Whilst interference at some level is a given, the different shape of the signal creates a level of distortion that manages to get into the audio signal via the power supply which we’d like to avoid.

Naim’s solution to this is use separate regulators, but ultimately all these components need to use the same ground, so they have gone a stage further and added negative rails on key components and moved the star ground from the power supply into the source device. This ensures the reference point for the device is relatively pure, but did they go far enough?

With the Anaconda, there are three important differences over the standard cables. The first is our use of internal shielding which isolates each activity ensuring the integrity of both the voltage and ground. The second is our use of additional ground conductors which ensures a more stable connection between the power supply and device. Finally, we use better conductors in key areas.

Whilst the voltage in theory should stay constant, current demand varies to meet this depending on many factors including the loudness and pace of the sound. By ensuring a faster, less impeded connection to the power supply through the use of UP-OCC Copper and specialised dielectric our cable can meet these demands, leading to a more responsive sound.

Now that the engineering is out of the way, you’ll probably be wondering about the most important question, how does it sound? The biggest difference we noticed through our extensive testing is that the presentation of sound becomes more natural and analogue. Previously, the loudest part of the sound stage dominated the output making a kind of spotlighting effect which was quite fatiguing and made it harder to focus on other aspects of the music.

There is also an improvement to the clarity and dynamics as the music becomes more responsive. Whilst this difference is not as great as our Morgana (which should be expected given we aren’t directly altering the audio lines), they do add another level of refinement to your source devices without having to make a big jump up the chain.

The Anaconda will available with a big presale discount across the Halloween weekend with delivery expected in January 2021.

12 thoughts on “Introducing The New Anaconda Burndy

  1. J Carlos Minguillon says:

    I am interested on upgrading my SXPS Burndy cable providing that your Anaconda is definitely superior as far as sound is concerned.

    I would also know whether your Burndy cable is more flexible than Naim’s, which is rather rigid.

  2. John Nicholson says:

    Hello! I’m using a Teddy Pardo XPS Mark 1 to power my Olive CDX, via a Naim XPS Burndy.
    Do you have any feel for whether the Anaconda would work with / improve the performance of the XPS / CDX combo?

    • Nic Burke says:

      Hi John,

      If I’m honest, whilst there will be a benefit gained, you probably won’t get your money’s worth with that setup.

  3. Milt Ingarfield says:

    Hi there I would like to know if the new Anaconda Burndy can be used with a CDX and a XPS (both Olive) that I am currently using

  4. Hang says:


    I am using a 555PS to feed CDS3. I noticed that the new Anaconda series includes CDPS Burndy and Anaconda XPS Burndy. May I ask which one I should use? Will there be higher ranked Burndy cable coming in the future? Thanks!

    • Nic Burke says:

      Hi Hang,

      Thanks for your interest. I know it can be confusing but you’ll need the Anaconda XPS Burndy and we have no plans to make another tier of this type of cable.

  5. Greg Mullaly says:

    Two questions. First, am I correct that the Brundy cable I should get to connect my Naim NDX 2 and XPS DR is the Anaconda XPS Brundy? Second, do you think I will get my money’s worth by upgrading from the included Naim Brundy to an Anaconda XPS Brundy with this set up? Thanks.

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