Introducing the Morgana Burndy

With our Morgana interconnects gaining a lot of praise over the past year, many asked whether the cable could be used in place of Supercap and 552 Burndys. Obviously, this was an easy cable to make given our experience, but we wanted to take the opportunity to develop the power side to see if any benefit could be gained there.

So, after a year in development we’re happy to announce our new Morgana Burndys which include the same base cable as the Morgana interconnects with an additional power cable as seen in the picture above. This ensures that the sound signature is identical to the Morganas you’ve been enjoying in the rest of your system whilst adding some additional benefits.

When we launched our Hatpin 18 in 2011, we did it to fix to engineering faults introduced by the standard cable, the main one being that both the audio and power signals are routed down the same thick cable allowing for noise generated from the latter to impact the integrity of the sound. The second issue that we wanted to rectify was the need for different Burndys in different setups and so we introduced a universal cable which worked in all combinations of the Supercap.

The isolation of power and audio in this cable is obvious in that they run down two completely separate cables but we took it one stage further by isolating the dirty supplies and individually shielding the regulators on key components (gain and filter stages in Supercap, filter only in the 552). This is all to prevent further noise from getting into the audio signal via the power regulators.

During our development process we had to be careful not to let the cost out of hand so we were selective in using UP-OCC Copper for the key components and a high quality OFC Copper for rest. This allowed us to 95% of the benefits without having to double the price.

For the audio side, you get the same UP-OCC Copper coated in our unique dielectric with each channel getting silver plated copper shielding and a further layer of OFC shielding around the cable to provide very effective isolation from internal and external noise.

All of this leads to a big step up in clarity towards a more open, fuller and dynamic sound without being too bright. Compared to many other high-end cables ours achieves this whilst remaining very laid-back and musical. As the Morgana range has been out for a year now, you don’t have to take our word for it though as there are plenty of reviews on our website and a massive thread on the Naim forums for the identical audio conductors.

 The cable will be available for presale this Halloween with delivery expected in January 2021.


7 thoughts on “Introducing the Morgana Burndy

    • Nic Burke says:

      Hi Alan,

      The standard length will be 1m but longer ones will be available up to 2m on the website with additional lengths available on request.

  1. Chris Spoor says:

    I have the present Brundy olive Supercap to 52  cable. Does the new Morgana Brundy  act as an exact replacement and if so I’m sure that I won’t be able to resist temptation!

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