Unlocking The Full Power Of The 82

As I’m sure you’re aware, the 82 is limited in the power it can draw from a SuperCap. The usual solution to this is to suck it up and buy a 52 but after numerous inquiries, our engineers have devised an innovative alternative. Relying on their Naim heritage, they’ve built something that not only sounds phenomenal but holds Naim’s signature sound and engineering standards.

Naim designed the 82 so the maximum number of rails of power it can take from any power supply is 4. This is known all too well by the unfortunate few who decided to upgrade from 2 Hicaps to a Supercap only to notice no real difference! The 82 Superlink gets past this, derestricting the amp and allowing access the 10 rails of power the Supercap has to offer.

We start this mod with one simple cosmetic change, replacing the link plug for our custom 10 pin socket. This is wired internally so each part of the 82 has it’s own direct source power instead of relying a shared one. This is much neater than other attempted solutions available in the marketplace as it retains the original chassis, the changing of which would risk affecting the Naim note.

Once you’ve had this fitted you can get rid of the two SNAICs that currently run between your SuperCap and 82 in place of our custom Burndy cable (pictured below). This is an 18 pin Burndy plug split into a 5 pin DIN (for signal) and 10 pin Hirose (for power). This in keeps with our ethos of separating out the power and audio lines in order to maximise the fidelity of the audio signal improving the clarity, precision and timing.

Now I’ve got your interest, I’m sure you’re wondering what actually does to the quality of the sound. Well, by giving each section of the 82 a direct line of power, you’ll achieve a sound much more like the 52. Our engineer estimates this is about 80% of the way there (to his ear) but at 25% of the cost of a second hand one that’s not a bad compromise! You’ll find it to be a much more laid back and refined sound and hear a definite improvement over a stock 82.

This will could help you get off the dreaded Naim upgrade train, but what if you don’t want to? Well we’ve already thought of that and therein lies the real beauty of this mod: it is designed from the outset to have complete backwards compatibility. We provide 2 link plugs so you can use this with a Hicap, two Hicaps or even just being powered from the power amp. This means there needn’t be a problem selling it on in the future.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this mod, call us on 0330 660 0402 or use the contact box on our website.

7 thoughts on “Unlocking The Full Power Of The 82

  1. Gareth Evans says:

    I’m really interested in the 82 upgrade and service. Could you please advise me on how long it will take? I’m still trying to work out how I would survive without my system up and running! Any further detail would also be greatly appreciated,
    Many thanks and kind regards,

  2. Phil Keevill says:

    Thank you thank you thank you guys at WitchHat! I have been listening to my 82 with the Superlink mod now for a few weeks, and I can only say it’s like you’ve given me a new HIFi! It’s easily the biggest upgrade I have ever made. FYI, the system is an active 2xNAP250 (chrome bumper model) with a CDS and LP12/Aro/Troika. I guess because it’s an active set-up, over the past few years, I’ve just got used to only hearing half of what the 82 has been letting through. But now it’s like someone has opened another window. Awesome! 

  3. Paul Stevenson says:

    Had the superlink up and running for about 4 weeks now and really enjoying it. It’s still an 82 but an 82 with far more detail, far more clarity and a much improved sound. I’m hearing things I haven’t heard before and the overall sound has just improved. There are even some fun hifi moments.

    It’s an excellent upgrade and well worth it.

  4. Nguyễn Tiến Dương says:

    I want to buy the cable and conectors 10 pin for this mod. I will do it for my nac82. Because, I live in Vietnam

  5. Vichy says:

    Want to upgrade my 282, but I live in Bangkok Thailand. It is not worth it to send it to UK for modification. Is it possible to get my technician to do it with your instruction ?
    How much does it cost ?

  6. David Bostock says:

    I am interested in the cost of upgrading my Naim nac 82 to be used with burndy and my existing super cap please.

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