Why do you need to Service your NAIM Amp?

NAIM systems can offer one of the best Hi-Fi experiences you will ever enjoy. Catering to the informed audiophile they deliver to you exceptional technical performance allowing you to enjoy your music with extraordinary quality and precision. Many NAIM systems have stood the test of time over the  decades and you are right to believe that you purchased a system that outlive other Hi-Fi systems.

You are entirely correct to believe that NAIM systems have a longer life than most other Hi-Fi brands, but audio deterioration nonetheless remains common place after several years. Age is the crucial factor here; just as car batteries have a lifetime due to their electrochemical nature, the same applies to the tantalum capacitors used by NAIM. The deterioration of the capacitors is the number one cause of distortion, noise and general loss of quality. Your ears may have become attuned to the deteriorated quality over time, however our servicing will make you realise what you’ve been missing.

Our Engineers begin each service by carefully recplacing the capacitors with the renowned Kendeil caps. These deteriorate at a slower rate, giving you an improved sound but (most importantly) at the same time preserving the  NAIM audio signature. The next process consists of a bench test. Our engineers investigate the voltage and stability of your system from an electrical standpoint in the effort to find any flaws from within the system. Once this is completed our engineers change all the resistors, provide new insulation, pots and clean thoroughly both inside and outside your system.

Next comes a process we dub the “SOAK Test”. This involves carefully listening to you system for a period of 72 hours. This is done for two reasons: first, NAIM amps work on a bell curve so issues usually arise either at the start or end of its life. Secondly, by listening to the system for an extended period of time, our engineers can make fine adjustments your system to ensure equilibrium amongst the components and to guarantee that the NAIM note is faithfully maintained.

Dealers may try and convince you that with age your system needs replacing, providing them with a great source of income! We do not agree! With our servicing you can enjoy the benefits of a new system in an extremely cost effective manner, safe in the knowledge that your system is being taken care of by experts in the field who have a shared passion of music, engineering and Hi-Fi. This delivers a quality service that will give a new lease of life to your Hi-Fi and allows you to listen to the music you’re passionate about in the greatest way achievable.


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